2m Repeater:

The repeater itself is comprised of two Motorola CM300 mobile radios mated to a pair of Raspberry Pi 3b’s. One Pi is dedicated to do the analog repeater operations. It runs as an AllStar Node.

The other Pi is running Pi-Star which accomplishes all the digital modes available on KAMBRK.


KAMBRK is a tactical name given to a repeater that I run out of my home. This rack houses a 2m repeater and an APRS Digi/iGate.

Soon enugh it will be installed somewhere at altitude near its current QTH to fill the deliberate QRT in the area.


As for the APRS functionality at KAMBRK. This is done via the Direwolf software which also runs on the Pi-Star Raspberry Pi mentioned in the leftmost column.

This APRS node is titled KAMBRK and can be found on aprsdirect.com It is a Digipeater as well as a TX’ing iGate.

KAMBRK achieves the various different modes of service based on use case. Meaning depending on which mode has been triggered – that currently active mode will be dominant for a predefined amount of silent time before reverting to scanning for the next mode to be triggered.