FTM-300DR FW Update

by | December 11, 2020

Updating firmware in these radios is a real ordeal. Generally there are three different parts to the update process, and following each step is crucial that they are followed exactly. Below is a YouTube video which walks you through this full process. Hope this helps those whom are struggling to get their radios updated.

Stay warm everyone!

by | December 9, 2020

Just sparked up the fireplace. Gotta love the smell and crackling of wood heat! Fall 2019 we started this livingroom reno, and I must say the final results are quite nice. The fireplace definitely brings the room together for cozy winter nights. 🌙

Adams Lake Snow Run

by | February 4, 2021

Well after being cooped up for a while it was time to get out and see another side of ma’nature again. I really should embrace what I use to do deeming every weekend and get out of town. Alas these dam “responsibilities” that tie me down to the city. At any rate… Ana and I… Read more »

Deadman Falls

by | September 8, 2020

Was out the other day with my significant other, and two friends, Jay & Paul. A somewhat spur of the moment outing for some much needed escape time from the daily grind of the city life. There was only a couple proviso’s we had to follow. A) Not touch pavement once we left Tranquile Rd… Read more »

A passing of a great man

by | September 8, 2020

My grandfather passed away peacefully in his sleep September 6th, 2020. He is going to be deeply missed, and not forgotten. Although I never had the opportunity to get to know my grandfather that well. Not out of choice or any sour reason; it was more a question of distance. My grandparents are in northern… Read more »

1996 FZJ80

by | September 8, 2020

Going to pick up another 80’…. This one is just going to be to fix and sell. At the time of purchase it does even crank over. Previous owner says it ran great up until they stopped for gas, and now it doesn’t start. Hoping it will be a simple fix and can turn around… Read more »

Playing with digital 2m radio

by | September 8, 2020

Well after mating up the HRO Zum Radio/Modem to my Icom IC-121S this was the best transmitted audio quality I could get. Oddly enough the receive audio works great! I’m sure I just missed some discrete setting somewhere… Details: (Trying to get this working in C4FM) Zum Radio-MMDVM for Pi (GPIO) (firmware = MMDVM 20190130)… Read more »