Deadman Falls

by | September 8, 2020

Was out the other day with my significant other, and two friends, Jay & Paul. A somewhat spur of the moment outing for some much needed escape time from the daily grind of the city life. There was only a couple proviso’s we had to follow. A) Not touch pavement once we left Tranquile Rd out by Tranquile Farms. B) Get to Deadman Falls. Seems simple enough…..

The first stop was at Watching Creek rec site. Jay had never been to it before so it was a real treat for him. While there we hammered out a few more specifics of the path we would like to travel for the rest of the day. Gotta love the trips that are entirely by the seat of your pants. Ya never really know where you are gonna end up; just a couple key areas to get to with no expectations in between.

Watching creek dumps into Tranquile River just above this narrow notch. This entire area has quite the decent down into it. 4×4 is recommended.

We continued to travel up Red Lake rd a ways, then over to Criss Creek, then down to Deadman Rd (near Split Rock) via Evans Rd. This was not without a few failed attempts which resulted in coming face to face with locked / private gates.

“I got your licence plate” read the gate. Guess we are backing up….

As we made our way to Deadman Rd, we stopped at the Criss Creek bridge (which was partially washed out) for a lunch break. There was clear destruction I assume from the spring run off. But that is what nature is all about, nothing stays the same forever.

Since the spring run off someone built a little dam.
I do believe this to be “Split Rock”?

From there we travel north on to Vidette Lake area. We stopped several times along the way to allow Cuji out / time to cool off in the water. I have never witness a dog “fishing” before now. That was definitely different. 🙂 For those interested in the seven wonders of the world – one of the seven is up right close to Vidette Lake –> The Center of the Universe.

Shhh Cuji is fishing @ Snohoosh Lake

After Vidette we climbed up the big hill and onward to the Deadman Falls themselves. Each time I come to these falls they are always impressive. Once we make the turn into the falls it was quite apparent that someone barricaded off the trail to vehicular traffic. Not a big deal really but had me questioning why after all this time is this only now been required. But I suppose Darwin wouldn’t be a “Darwin” if big brother wasn’t there to save them. Some impressive pictures were taken, and even a couple were there nude suntanning literally right at the top / edge of the falls. (beyond the fenced barricade, and quite frankly a couple more feet and they would be taking the plunge along with the water.)

Deadman Falls – a 979meter drop

After that we tried to make our way back towards Kamloops continuing the theme of no pavement. Our first attempt was to join up with Jamieson Creek FSR via the Deadman Rd which passes by Donut Lake and onto Jamieson. But just a couple short kilometres past Avery Hill we came across another closed gate so we ended up taking the “boring” way back down into / through Lac Du Bois. Along this stretch we stopped at Fatox Lake for quick sandwich dinner and another Cuji water swim break.

Fatox Lake

On the last push towards town around 55km we encountered a sign saying that the road was closed ahead at 52.5km. It was later on in the day and the thought of the massive back tracking just wasn’t gaining any traction with me. We pressed forward and when we got to the 52.5km mark you could clearly see where the water had burst it’s banks and washed out the road. However I would hardly call it impassible. Even for the bone stock LX470 it was exceedingly easy to get through in a matter of mere seconds. Sorry no picture of this due to just how short of a time it took us to get through.

Last stop was at Pass Lake. It’s a trophy lake that is catch and release / fly fishing only as I understand it. I will definitely be checking this lake out more in the times to come.

Pass Lake – In the distance a cabin at the west end of the lake.

All said and done this was approximately a 200km round trip. In good weather there is no reason most bone stock AWD / 4×4 vehicles would have much problems with this route. We left Kamloops around 9:30am, and were back in town around 8pm. Lots of stops and taking our time on the trail to take in all the sights. There are plenty more photos but I would be here all night getting them all posted. For now I will just say to get out there and see it for yourself. As always please pack out what you pack in, and tread lightly while out there. It’s like many places a nice area, and it takes the care and respect from everyone to keep it in its pristine state.

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