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FTM-300DR FW Update

by | December 11, 2020

Updating firmware in these radios is a real ordeal. Generally there are three different parts to the update process, and following each step is crucial that they are followed exactly. Below is a YouTube video which walks you through this full process. Hope this helps those whom are struggling to get their radios updated.

Playing with digital 2m radio

by | September 8, 2020

Well after mating up the HRO Zum Radio/Modem to my Icom IC-121S this was the best transmitted audio quality I could get. Oddly enough the receive audio works great! I’m sure I just missed some discrete setting somewhere… Details: (Trying to get this working in C4FM) Zum Radio-MMDVM for Pi (GPIO) (firmware = MMDVM 20190130)… Read more »